Friday, March 17, 2006

Is David Wells An Idiot? I'll Let Him Answer.

Here he is, in his own words, on whether he is an idiot, and his status in our rotation. From the Courant......"Am I an idiot at times? You're damn right I am," Wells said Thursday in an interview with The Courant. "Do I say stupid things? Absolutely. But at least I'm man enough to apologize when I'm wrong or if I say something out of context, which I did. I shouldn't have called him a piece of shit. I shouldn't have said that."

And on his place in the rotation, and the possibility that if he is the fifth starter, the number of his April starts would suffer....

"I'd have a problem with that," Wells said after pitching three innings in a minor league intrasquad game, allowing two runs and five hits. "If they're going to go four and I'm going to be the odd man out, then that's not going to sit well with me."

Peter here again. Josh Beckett looked positively slendid in five innings yesterday in a split-squad game. Even David Riske looked good in the game, with one scoreless inning. Jon Lester did not fare so well in the other split-squadder, with four runs allowed and a couple hit batters. And the USA is out of the WBC, with a 2-1 loss to Mexico. It doesn't matter what team Rocket pitches for. They don't score runs for him. Good job Rocket. Hope to see you later this season, maybe even in a nearby zip code. And TEK, SEE YOU SOON! I'll be back later with another twist or turn.


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