Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Is Everybody Happy?

Well, I know that Tito Francona is a happy man, with a new contract and renewed respect in the clubhouse. And the portly one, David Wells, is happy, or seemed so yesterday in the dugout sitting next to our manager through 2008, if not more. Wells and Tito seemed animated and giggly while Wells kidded his manager about not taking a happy pill the day before.
One guy who shouldn't be so happy is Bronson Arroyo. I tried to figure out his spring ERA and the batteries in my calculater needed replacing mid-way. My slide rule became crooked. I ran out of fingers and toes, started over again, and ran out again. I hope Bronson is concerned enough and is aware of his suckiness. Temporary suckiness, I hope, although in previous posts I have expressed my sincere reservations of his pitching prowess. I hope he can get it together, for there are others on the club, more worthy others, who would be glad to take his place in the rotation. Can you say Papelbon? Wells? I'm done, for now. Thank you faithful readers. And a big happy meow to Obi-Wan!!
Oh, I just came across this blurb and quote from Bronson. "I guess I was missing with location. I don't know,'' said Arroyo, who added he did feel better than in his first two starts. ''Today, I was taking it serious as a real game and just didn't get it done. First inning, they hit the ball around. They hit some balls hard. ... I'm a little too vague with my control right now."
***Peter back here. Let's see...He said he GUESSES he was missing with location. Guessing? Stevie Wonder would have had better control with his pitches. Vague? Try clueless. That's it. I could not resist getting that quote in here. Hey Bronson, prove me wrong and make me look like a fool, an idiot, a jester. I'm beggin' ya!


At 3/15/2006 10:44 AM, Anonymous Cyn said...

Before you go giving Arroyo's spot on the team to Papelbon, keep in mind he's having a pretty lousy spring training as well.

And after that horrible first inning yesterday, Bronson settled down and pitched really well. So I'm not as worried about him as I was.

At 3/15/2006 10:54 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

True. But you know me. I'm going to be on his case until he rights himself instead of taking aim at the biggest iceberg in the North Atlantic. And thanks again for the mention over at your place. Readers, her link is with the others, on the main page, on the right side. You'll be an everyday stopper inner, that I promise. Her blog is called Red Sox Chick, and that describes her perfectly. And she writes so well.


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