Thursday, March 23, 2006

Jonathon Papelbon: A True Trooper.

From the Herald, this little blurb........"Jonathan Papelbon is expected to receive official notice today that he will open the season in the Red Sox bullpen, but the rookie right-hander proved in his last two starts that he is ready to step in when needed."
Now where are other ballplayers with his kind of inner make-up? The guy is great. He's already proven he can be a tremendous asset, in fact a star, if he was to immediately go into our rotation. But the numbers are not there. We have five capable, hell MORE than capable, pitchers that are slotted for numbers 1 through 5. So JP will go to the bullpen, for now. He'll probably be the inning 7 or 8 guy, one of them at least . When it's a one run lead and a healthy Foulkie is ready for the 9th, there's no one I would feel more confidence in seeing heading to the mound than Mr. Papelbon himself. Sure, I know there are Riske, Seanez, and Mike Timlin ready for those 2 innings, but for a lock down on runs and to enable us to maintain a slim lead into the ninth inning, bring him in. I do realize that he would be the ULTIMATE long reliever, relieving, let's say, David Wells after a rocky first two innings and shutting 'em down until the 8th or 9th. As circumstances warrant, Jonathon Papelbon will be there, in the 'pen, to make us happy, to hold the opponent at bay so we can chip away and take over the reigns of the game. Thank you Jonathon. Unselfish, talented and effective. Clone him!


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