Friday, March 17, 2006

Josh's Thursday Outing

I came across this in the Bonita Springs newspaper. Bonita Springs is in the greater Fort Myers area. In fact, it's between Naples and Fort Myers, and they have an out of this world public beach that has my footprints from long ago embedded somewhere in its sands of time. Here's the blurb.........."The big Texan threw 78 pitches, overpowering at times with his mid-90s fastball, and equally knee-buckling with his big, sloping curve. He retired the first seven batters he faced, including Torii Hunter, who waved at back-to-back belt-high fastballs, then Lew Ford, who he froze with a breaking ball on the outside corner, for the last two outs of the second inning.
“He was nasty,” said Twins catcher Mike Redmond, Beckett’s teammate for four seasons on the Marlins. “That’s what he can do, go out there and dominate. I’ve seen him do that a lot.”
I like those five words, "go out there and dominate." May we see that early and often in the number three slot of our good looking (WITHOUT BRONSON) rotation. I know that Bronson has a couple more starts this spring, so we will have those chances to see if there is an improvement. If not, and more crooked and early numbers are to come, expect him to start the season in the bullpen, and in non-crucial spots at that. All this is subject to change. Such is spring training.
Right now I see a Schill that is in command, a Wakie being Wakie, wearing out catcher's mitts, Beckett as described above, Mattie Clement with his new pitch and coming off a great start, and Wells just beginning his preseason. And of course there is our Jonathon Papelbon, who should be somewhere in the rotation, but the numbers don't add up. Do you leave Wells out of the rotation and put him in? Boomer doesn't even want to be the number five starter, much less being out of the rotation. So he is a given, and damn, if his knees feel as good as he says, that is so excellent. I am assuming that Annoyo will start in the 'pen with all this. So many questions. So much time. Happy Saint Patrick's Day, my readers. Glad you stop in. So much.


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