Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Mouth Still Roars!

David Wells has broken his self imposed silence, and in a big way. His latest sermon on his love for Bud Selig is sure to get the attention of the commisioner. I hope it doesn't lead to a suspension. Is that what Wells wants? Please Boomer, will you cut it out with the negative waves. (I borrowed that phrase from Donald Sutherland's charactor in the WWII movie KELLY'S HEROES).
Here is part of what David Wells had to say. Here he is speaking of Selig...."I've had issues with him the last few years. He said, `Oh, we need to talk.' He said, `I'll take you to dinner when I come to Boston.' Has he done it? Fuck no. He's a piece of shit. And you can quote me on that." Of course, I filled in the two expletive deleteds that could not be printed in the paper.
And in yesterday's spring training game, Rudy Seanez and David Riske did nothing to boost my confidence in them, with one inning each of blahness. On the other hand, Little Manny and Cla Meredith were GREAT for three combined innings. And Jonathon Papelbon struggled a little, but walked no one while giving up 2 runs and 4 hits. He is someone I do not worry about.
Oh, and Barry Bonds? I have 5 words for him. Way to go, you idiot! P.S. His home run totals after 1997 should be expunged, erased, deleted with malice.


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