Monday, March 27, 2006

A Near Brawl Results In Victory

The story of the day yesterday, baseball wise, was the nastiness of Josh Beckett, who will be the best #3 starter in baseball. Actually, he'd be a number one on most other teams, but Tim Wakefield and his knuckleball are slotted in between Schill and Beckett. So that allows me to make that statement, a pretty easy bet........CLEARWATER, Fla. - "Josh Beckett's pitches were as nasty as his demeanor. With one start left before opening day, the new Red Sox righty already appears in midseason form.
Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett was on the ball yesterday, throwing six strong innings against the Phillies.
Beckett allowed two runs and struck out six in six innings and Tony Graffanino homered, leading the Boston to a 3-2 victory over the Philadelphia Phillies yesterday."
***Peter here.If he remains consistant and is unfettered by injuries, this will be a fun club to watch, one whose true nature has yet to be revealed. There lies the fun, the mystery, the challenge.
And one more note on the UCONN men. Jere and Reb said in their comments here....."take me to the dance, Cinderella! UConn has been scraping by all tourney... they did not deserve to get this far, the way they've been playing. Gotta hand it to GM." Rebecca.
Jere said...
"Yeah, Peter, I was getting really pissed at UConn, especially when they sent it to OT. So many of these teams should have put them away, they didn't deserve anything this year. And that statement's got the Reb seal of approval."
I agree, for the most part. The team won more than 30 games this year, and that's a tough thing to do. But their talent was not used correctly. They should have been a much better team, but they scraped by in their 4 tourney games, maybe being overcoached, as the shuttle to and from the bench was steaming yesterday. Underacheivers. Thank goodness for the women's team, always near the top of the heap, but low in the top ten in the nation at the end of this season. But they have heart. And soul. And they're overacheiving at the right time. Duke is up next. For those of you that do not watch women's team sports, you've missed so much since they first won a national title in '96. And so the day ended well after all, as Barb Turner's 3 point shot nestled into the net and time expired, UCONN victorious. A lost day? Nope. Just a real tough late afternoon.


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