Monday, March 13, 2006

No Need To Worry About Jonathon Papelbon, Not This Early.

He's given up earned runs in every appearance this spring. But there are important things to realize before worry becomes an issue, and at this point, worry doesn't come close to being in the picture. He's working on arm strength, adjusting the pitch selection to work on specific pitches for specific reasons. He said it best....."Papelbon said he was unconcerned with yesterday's results (3 1/3 innings, 6 hits, 5 runs) because he was attempting to build arm strength by throwing almost all fastballs. But, he also said, ''I didn't get some calls that I felt like I should have. But it's spring training." Bingo. So although I am worried about Riske and Seanez, and of course Foukie's knees, (He will be great this year. Write it down that I said it) I know for a fact that when Jonathon mixes his pitch selection as he will in the real season, batters will be guessing, swinging, and promptly returning their asses to the visitor's dugout, where said asses belong.
Three days after the Billy Joel concert, my voice is back to 90%. That's what happens when one (or in this case two) people are lucky enough, along with only a handful of others, to stroll the 6 feet or so to the stage, and be allowed to stay there, dancing, prancing, and just having a grand time with our own personal band. What I mean is that everyone was behind us, only the stage and its talented performers in front of us. We listened as the band listened, to the on-stage monitor speakers, not the huge arrays designed to fill a Civic Center with sound. I keep going back to this show of Friday night for a simple reason. It was a great show with great seats and great company.And I can add nothing to that. So your writer will exit, but with a smile on his face and memories to cherish.


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