Thursday, March 23, 2006

Pedro: Oh, Toe Is Me!

Maybe what Petey meant to say was, "Oh, woe is me! But his toe will keep him from being on the mound for opening day. Hey Petey, the toe is slow to heal. Stay off it!
Jonathon Papelbon threw 5 good innings against the New York club, allowing two runs. It was David "Big" Riske who took the lumps, and the loss, while giving up a 2 run shot to Luis Garcia. Wily Mo hit a two run bomb for the good club, while Posada's nose was broken by his fellow catcher Stinnett's thrown ball hitting him in the face when he wasn't looking. Hey Jorge, it's easier to catch the ball when you're looking! There were a number of brush-back pitches and hit batters too, setting an uneasy tone for the 19 plus real games to come. And the paper featured a great picture of Manny and the Yankee center fielder giving each other a giant bear hug. How nice. The only Sox regular in the field was Mikey Lowell, who was 1-3 and has improved his batting average over the last few days. Let us hope that trend continues. And so it goes.


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