Monday, March 20, 2006

Props To Bronson, And Feel Better Johnny Pesky

I have to say, great job Bronson. I know I've been on his case all spring, and some of last year too. But yesterday he was just plain splendid for 5 innings. Good job. Consistancy would be nice. I hope he works on that.
It seems Johnny Pesky has a broken bone in his leg, the result of a line drive hitting him while he was sitting on the outfield grass during a minor league game. We all hope he heals well, and quickly.
And it looks like David Wells and Tito are buddies again, having made up the seeming differences of opinion on when he will start his first game. April 12th seems to be his day.
And please, front office, DO NOT trade Matt Clement. I offer no reason for that opinion because there is no reason to trade him. Sounds simple, huh. Let's hope there is no overthinking when it comes to this touchy subject.
And doesn't it seem like half the Yankee's starting rotation is headed towards the disabled list? The more the merrier! On that happy note, I hope your week starts off well.


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