Sunday, March 19, 2006

Roger Clemens Signs One Year Deal With Sox!

Wouldn't that be nice? But of course, as of now there is no truth to the headline, although Theo did meet informally with Rocket's agent yesterday. Sorry for any skipped heartbeats there.
The Sox won yesterday. The only bad line of the day came from David Riske, who gave up 4 runs in relief of DeNardo. Even Rudy Seanez did not allow any damage. Foulkie threw uneventfully on the side while being watched by everyone but Pope Benedict, who had another engagement and could not make it. He was given passes to another workout in the future. You see, the Big Guy is on our side.
Oh, and on the Yankee front, my least favorite pinstiper bar none, Gary "wah wah wah" Sheffield, is bitching and moaning like the sissy he is about his back being against the wall and the whole world conspiring against him while in Yankeeland, Hades itself. See ya.


At 3/19/2006 8:16 AM, Anonymous Cyn said...

Peter, I have your blog on my when a new post comes in I get notified. Well, here I sit, surfing the 'net and I get the notification signal and a box pops up with the headline "Roger Clemens Signs One Year Deal With Sox!"...but it doesn't indicated which feed it is coming from.

My heart almost stopped. And not for a good reason.

Thank goodness it was only you. :-)

I will never stopped watching or loving the Red Sox, but if they sign Clemens, I'll probably end up giving away any tickets I have to games he's pitching. I don't want him back. Not with all the 'conditions' he'll bring with him. We need a pitcher who wants to be part of the team, not someone who's only in it for himself.

At 3/19/2006 10:43 AM, Blogger Peter N said...

Don't do that!! Give away your tix, I mean. And if I had known you had an RSS set up for me, I wouldn't have led with that headline. Just an attention grabber, although I still do and always have liked Roger. But your point is well taken, what with his not travel with the club type of thing. But his quality of possible starts would be welcome. I tend to look for the greater good. But it will never happen anyways! Thanks for always reading, too. It means a lot to me, especially after a Sunday of only 15 hits. Lonely!

At 3/20/2006 12:01 AM, Blogger Jere said...

If Clemens signs I'll eat the tickets I have for his pitching days and shit them out and send them to Roger in the mail. And it's a lot more for his praying to Babe Ruth or whatever the hell he would do as a yankee traitor than about his conditions.


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