Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A Small Rocket Quote On His Possible Return To Our Homeland.

Roger Clemens was out playing kickball with a couple of his kids at a minor league camp where one of his boys was to play later. He said this when asked about coming back to Boston. "He was asked if he would consider going back to Boston given the bitterness of his departure after the 1996 season.

"I am going back, but I don't think it will be to play," he said. "I definitely want to go back and see a game at Fenway. I never got the chance to sit in the stands and watch a game there and I'd like to do that, maybe have a hot dog and a beer."

And with that he was back to the stands, just another proud dad waiting for his son's next trip to the plate in an innocuous minor league game on a back field in the middle of spring training."

No surprises there. No surprises needed. Bye now.


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