Tuesday, March 07, 2006

So I Admit It! I Was Too Harsh On Bronson.

The other day, I predicted that Bronson's days with the Red Sox are dwindling down to a precious few. I was a little harsh, OK. And I really do not see a need to make a trade just to balance the numbers. So, Jere and Cyn, maybe you're right. Too many pitchers is a good thing, especially when so much hope rests on the unsteady shoulders of Rudy Seanez and David "taking a " Risque, who I have yet to develop ANY faith whatsoever. To make a trade just for the sake of it makes no sense. But it doesn't change my feelings about Annoyo one bit. Mediocre inning eater. I can live with that. But he's not the kind of pitcher to build a championship team around. He has a lot to show me. It just seems to me that he is distracted while on the mound. His mind seems elsewhere, and the result? A fat sliding too much of the plate frisbee-like pitch that is cracked into the opposite field. Base hit. Runners at the corners with no outs. Over and over. Maybe this is his year. Your move, Bronson.


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