Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Sox Yankees Tonight On NESN

The only regular starter will be Mike Lowell. Jonathon Papelbon will start.
Goodbye to Adam Vinatieri, ace kicker for the Patriots. He's moving on to Indianapolis, where the Colts will be strong.
Bronson Arroyo had an extended 2 hour long goodbye session in the Red Sox clubhouse, at one point throwing his Red Sox cap into the nearest trash can. The shot was good, but his foot was on the three point line, resulting in only two points. Of course I'm kidding with the basketball reference, but the cap thing is absolutely true. He's having a tough time dealing with the trade. Business is business in the game of baseball today. We all have to deal with it.
I'm worried if Mike Lowell can do it this year. His bat is said to look slow. His defense will be fine. Another if. But March and April have ALWAYS been "if" months.


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