Sunday, April 23, 2006

8th Inning

Foulkie was impressive in holding the Jays in the 6th and the 7th, and right now the Sox have scored once in the top of the 8th to take a 5-3 lead. Will Foulke come out in the bottom of the eighth, and then Paps at the first hint of trouble? Or will it be Pap at the start. Doesn't matter, but if Francona goes to anyone BUT Paps, he's an idiot. He's the best chance to win this, so we can enjoy our day off. All of us.
And Timlin is warming up in the bullpen. When will Terry learn?? If we lose this one, this is the reason. A day off tomorrow...Paps could go 2. Bottom of the 8th coming, 5-3 Boston.


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