Friday, April 28, 2006

And I've Been Slammed, Although Very Nicely.

Faithful reader Cyn, whose blog "Red Sox Chick" (linked at right) should be on everyone's everyday reading list, thought that I was already giving up on Red Sox '06. No no no. I love the make-up of this team, and when Coco is back (2 weeks?), the chemistry that percolated during the first few games of the season shall return, and the run production will be elevated. So any lead will be one that our team can overcome. Right now I'm not getting that feeling, but that's why a baseball season is 162 games and 6 plus months long. Sometimes my emotions cloud my patience, or something like that. Whatever. Today is Friday, a cloudless Spring day where anything is possible. With hope, faith, and ambition, the world is here for the taking. So, let's do it!


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