Sunday, April 30, 2006

At Long Last.......LUMBER! And A Comeback...A Needed One

It took awhile. Five more innings of lumberless lethargic lazy scoreless baseball. But that changed in the sixth inning, and it's a good thing that it did, because our team was down 4-0, and things were starting to get antsy here in the sticks of Farmington. And so it came to pass that the Sox, bouyed by Manny's hot stick, and timely hits by Tek and Wily Mo, came back from defecits of 4-0, 5-4, and 6-5 with two four run innings. Paps made the 9-6 score in the 9th stand up by whiffing the final three batters of the game for his 10th save. Exclamation points each and every one.
Lenny DiNardo gave up 4 runs in the first three innings, something he cannot continue to do and be successful in the big leages. Abe Alvarez, can you hear me? But he settled down after that, and with good but not spectacular bullpen work from Tavarez and Foulke, and the offensive uprising followed by Jonathon Papelbon's mastery, things worked out quite well. It's up to Curt Schilling and the Sox bats to beat Tampa Bay and its tough young lefty Scott Kazmir. After all, the Yankees did just that five days ago. Why should they have all the fun? And anything less than 2 of 3 from the Tampa Bay Devil Rays is just not good enough.
Yanks in town tomorrow. Let's end this mediocre (some would say worse) road trip on a high note, and go home, to the Wall and its adjoining splendor. Tens of thousands of wildly cheering (and booing) fans and the team we love to hate right in our backyard. Sweet.


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