Thursday, April 27, 2006

Bard's Bad

This one was ugly from the beginning. By 9pm I had already turned to LOST for help.. And even though it was a recap clip show, it was a relief. A relief from 4 more passed balls, giving the Red Sox catcher 10 for the season. 10! Think of it....only 25 more, with plenty of time to go this season, and he will have tied the mark for most passed balls in a season. That dubious mark is held by Geno Petralli, formerly of the Jays and the Rangers, and was set in 1987. For the record, the Red Sox record for passed balls is held by Mike Macfarlane, with 26 of 'em in 1995. Bard has that one in the bag. Done deal. Mission accomplished. Lift off.
Bright spots were few and far between. The relief work by Julian Tavarez. Manny's continued hot bat. Wily Mo's homer. But there was an overwhelming sense of "we have no chance tonight" throughout the long and tortuous 9 innings. Even "Little Manny" Delcarmen could not escape the bad Bard vibes in this one.
Later, I'll have something to say about the famous 2004 World Series ball, and Keith Foulke and his shoes. I know. Important stuff, BS at this time of year, when the games REALLY count.


At 4/27/2006 12:22 PM, Blogger momula said...

I fell asleep during the "Bad Bard" game, and was not surprised to wake up this morning with an L.
Why, oh why, did we get rid of Doug Mirabelli?? Did he want lots of money? Is he getting old? Did Theo approve this? I could probably look up all of the answers to these questions, but I bet you, Peter, have them all in your head ?!

ugibgv - ugly baseball glove to go along with Bard's ugly catcher's mask?

At 4/27/2006 12:38 PM, Blogger Peter N said...

Wow, the definition of my head varies from day to day. But I think we parted with the much missed Dougie Mirabelli to obtain the services of Mark Loretta, who WILL creep his average to and beyond the .300 mark, while providing sane and non- heartbreakingly great defense. A nice exchange..don'tcha think? And along with Mike Lowell and our infield quarterback, Alex Gonzales, and his partner to his left, young Youk at first, and at the plate, it's easy to love the infield. And thats so great for our pitchers. And that's also an almost too long answer, but it was a GREAT question. Thanks for reading, and go Josh!


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