Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Coco News Could Have Been Much Worse

From the Globe......''With a nondisplaced fracture, it should heal fairly quickly," said McCue, who did not examine Crisp. ''Ten days might be too soon, but in three weeks it should heal.
''You protect it. It's sore to a varying degree. It shouldn't cause any long-term problems."
***Peter here. And that quote made me feel much better. In his mid-twenties, Coco should be a quick healer. As one gets older, the healing mechanism is less effective, thereby making injuries such as this, with no ligament/tendon damage, that much quicker to heal. If Coco doesn't rush it and reinjure the undisplaced fracture, he should be OK around or shortly after the end of the month, which is almost half over anyways. And center should be handled quite capably, mainly by Adam Stern, who I hope starts every game that Coco is out. Wily Mo? I'd be scared of his defense and his ability to cover the ground needed to effectively patrol centerfield. Call-ups? Most likely Dustin Mohr. Maybe Willie Harris. The bulk of the work should be handled by Canadian's hero, Adam Stern, with Wily Mo behind, and I hope way behind, him. You see, I haven't developed any faith in the kid (he's only 24) yet. He has to tame his swing and stop trying to hit Ball 4. Bronson, I miss ya. And that feeling will intensify if and when Wells gets shelled from time to time. And we know that's going to happen 6 to 8 times this year. But this year we might not have the power to hack our way out of a 5 or 6 run deficit.
Speaking of ball, today at Fenway should be exactly that. And what's the next best thing to being there? A choice seat in front of the NESN tuned TV, with all the fixins' to make the enjoyment as Fenway-like as possible. Enjoy, everyone, and I'll be back during the game. Drop by if you're at work and have the computer fired up, unless the computer is busy giving you coverage of the game. Oh, I almost forgot. That team from New York also has their home opener, and it's a 1pm start. But the pre-game Sox ceremonies start at 1:30, so there is little time to root for the Royals. GO SOX.


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