Monday, April 10, 2006

Coco toast for a month? Papi Extension Announcement Today?

No, NOT a month, not until I hear something official. The last time he hurt his hand, he was told he would be out for a month. He was back in two weeks and hit .303 for the rest of the season.
This possible injury occured on the tail end of his ill-advised unsuccessful 3rd base steal on Saturday. There seems to be swelling at the base of the left index finger knuckle. I'm told tests will be done in Boston today, but in my mind there is just as big a chance that he'll wake up this morning and he'll be fine. I hope so. I'll be back later with a wrap-up of the many goods and the few (if they could be called) bads from yesterday.
And there is a chance that the extention for Big Papi will be announced today. That will make tomorrow all the sweeter.


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