Monday, April 10, 2006

The First Six Games Bode Well For The Bullpen, and The Club

As our skipper said yesterday, “That’s as good as I’ve seen Foulke throw in a long time. If he throws like that, we’re going to have some kind of bullpen.” Amen to that. Foulkie's velocity was back to where it should be, his fastballs hitting 89 MPH. And tailing in towards right handers. He will join Mike Timlin and Julian Tavarez (after Wednesday) to become a three headed set-up MONSTER in the bullpen, eventually giving way to Paps to close them out. I touched on this huge plus point a few posts ago. It can only lead to goodness and happiness for all of us, ensuring less stress and grey hairs. The bullpen was the human stinkhole of the major leagues last year, as we know all too well. I shudder at the thought. Brrr! Riske and Seanez will be reserved for long relief, when the team is behind and the hope of catching up is neccessary. It is not known as I write this if those two are up to that task or not. But with all four active starters having at least one win, and all but Wakes having gone seven innings, things look good. Some would say better than good, but ask me after twenty games.
We can hit better, and we will. The defense has been superb, with only 2 (or 3?) errors commited. And with a 5-1 start, and maybe an extention for our Big Papi later today, tomorrow afternoon will surely see a bunch of happy fans populate our Vatican, Fenway Park. So let's hope the news on Coco will be better than what the worst possibility would be, and let's be thankful that Adam Stern plays for the right team, ours. Back later if circumstances warrant. And they will. I have a feeling. I believe in those feelings. See my post from Tuesday April 4th for an example. The post is called "Pap's 20th save." Take care. I shall be back. Bet on it.


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