Friday, April 14, 2006

Freeing Jonathon

How important was Keith Foulke's two inning stint last night? It was important in that it was another step, and not a small one, to regaining his closer status. Sure Jonathon has been ice cold lights out freeze in the headlight you are dead good, as good as it gets. But Foulkie's pitches have the velocity and movement that made him so special in 2004, or they are getting close, better with every outing. Some say he should have been named MVP of the World Series. I have no doubt that he was, not a shred of doubt.
You see, we need Papelbon in the rotation, in the vacant but taken number 4 slot, currently occupied by the hefty lefty, Boomer. Sure, David will have a couple more starts to see if his aging body can catch up and regain his last year form. But once Foulke is ready to retake the closer role, it will be up to the coaches to stretch Papel's appearances until he is able to start a game. This might, no, probably will, take a month. But the aim will be to make the club better, to add to the number of innings the club can benefit from his talent. A lights out closer is a necessity for a championship club. But we don't need two.


At 4/14/2006 10:33 PM, Blogger Michael Leggett said...

Curt was on target tonight & as was Papelbon.

Was watching MLB TV in Queens at home;
Got FSN-Northwest instead of NESN;

Interesting night as my TV Eyes & ears was Dave "Hendu" Henderson;

Got the benefit of blasts from the '86 & '04 past tonight.

Just wrote my latest on the that subject.


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