Saturday, April 15, 2006

Let It Be So, He Saith

"Wells, who was scheduled to face Seattle’s Gil Meche in Monday’s 11 a.m. Patriots Day game, will most likely see his start go to reliever Lenny DiNardo."
Peter here, and I couldn't let a sentence like that from the Globe, and soon to be common knowledge from Southwest Connecticut to the Notheasternmost reaches of Maine, and all throughout this land we call Red Sox Nation, go without saying something. Here's that something.....Patriots Day 2006 might be remembered for something other than The Race, other than the fact that it is Patriot's Day. And that would be this. Start number one of the '06 season for Lenny DiNardo, on what could become a surprisingly early and successful season as the Red Sox number four member of the pitching rotation. Hey Lenny, give us 6 fine, and wait four days. And on day 5, God said..."Pitch again."


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