Saturday, April 29, 2006

Lost Bats Lead To Another Ugly Loss

14 runners stranded. 2-19 last night and a .160 average with runners in scoring position for the first 7 games on this road trip. Being made to look foolish last night by the Tampa Bay Devil Ray's pitching staff. That's right. The Tampa Bay staff! Just about the worst there is. There was no clutchness in last night's game, at least not by our guys. What if we were facing GOOD pitching? And with Lenny Dinardo pitching today? Not a portend of good things to come on this beautiful Saturday morning. Not good at all.
I guess it's time to file this 5-2 Friday night loss under things that might have been, if those things weren't so darned ugly. I CAN say something good, though. No Red Sox players were hurt by errant pitches. But it was close. If not for Papi's protective elbow sleeve, there might have been a problem, a gaping "oh-my-God what are we going to do now" problem. Let's face facts. It's time to start winning. After our 6-1 start, we've gone 7-9. Help.


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