Thursday, April 06, 2006

A Nail Biter Until The Ninth

That's right. UNTIL the ninth, when Jonathon Papelbon, in the closer's role, made the Texas Rangers' hitters look like a Little League Team. But it was tough going until then. Josh Beckett was adequate through the first four innings, giving up a run and throwing 81 pitches. Too many. But then he went to cruise control for his last three innings, right up until the checked swing called third strike by Michael Young. With a pumped fist and a shout of joy, he walked off the mound, thanked the umpire who wisely checked with one of his mates on the last pitch, and went into the dugout to receive the congratulations of his teamates. Deservedly so, I might add. He might have heard ME shouting encouragement at that point.
Mike Timlin almost ruined the game, as well as the whole night, as he allowed runners into scoring position as if they were paying customers. But a ground out by D'Angelo Jimenez ended the inning and set the stage for Papel's "electric" stuff. But not before a Manny to Lowell to Tek throw nailed Mark Teixeira at the plate. You want drama? Suspense? Sheer kick the wall frustration turning into jump for joy glee? Well, the 8th inning had it all. The ninth inning was filled with sit back and smile, you guys are doomed confidence. Thanks to our CLOSER, Jonathon Papelbon. Thank you Mr. Francona, for not waiting to make this move. I'm proud of you. And so very happy.
The king is dead. Long live the KING.


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