Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Number Nine, Number Nine

This one was not easy, as Cleveland showed they know how to hit, and hit good pitches, Schilling pitches, at that. But Manny Ramirez came up in the 8th inning with 2 on and 2 out, and hit a long shot that hit the top of the outfield wall for a 3 run homer, the game winner.
Curt Schilling did not pitch that badly. The outside corner was a tough strike call all night for both starters, leading to frustration. Westbrook had problems finding the plate throughout his 5 innings, but the Red Sox squandered many opportunities to score again and again in the early innings. Keith Foulke did a great job finishing the 7th inning, setting up the Manny fireworks. He did get the win while allowing 1 run." GOT MANNY?" is the new tee shirt phrase of the day, and because of him, the Sox entered the bottom of the ninth in chilly Cleveland with a 2 run lead. Guess what! It stayed that way as Paps blew them away quickly, with one strikeout, to record his 9th straight save, hence the title of this post. Red Sox fans all over the country were gently put to sleep by a satisfying win against a really good club, on the road, a win that was in doubt until Mr. Papelbon strode in from the bullpen, sighs of RELIEF washing over this good household, and many others. And there was peace and happiness, if only for a day.


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