Sunday, April 09, 2006

Papelbon's Stage Is Set. 9th Inning Pitch By Pitch

4-1 Boston over Baltimore. The bottom of the ninth. Relaxed and calm, yes. Here we go, batter by batter by batter.
Matos up. He lines a double to left. Boy, I hope I'm not jinxing him by doing this batter by batter. Nah! Up next is Melvin Mora. Paps falls behind 2-0, now 2-1. Tight strike zone all day. Remarkable for Wakefield to be so successful with that kind of zone. Full count, 3-2. Fly ball to Stern, Matos to third. ONE DOWN. Tejada up. And he is hit by pitch, bringing the tying run to the plate in the bat of Gibbons.Pop up to the catcher Bard. TWO DOWN. Old friend Millar pops up the first pitch to the Snowman. SOX WIN 4-1. A full wrap-up to come early AM tomorrow. Bye everyone.


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