Monday, April 17, 2006

Poetic Justice, or Justice From Above?

This blurb from today's press, and then my brief reaction/comment...."San Francisco Giants left fielder Barry Bonds, whose chances of passing Hank Aaron for the home run title are diminishing by the day, no longer is even a lock to eclipse Babe Ruth.
Bonds, who told USA TODAY in February that he will retire after this season, revealed Saturday that he has 10-12 bone chips in his left elbow and will immediately retire if surgery is required.
"I'm going to keep playing until it blows up," Bonds told "If I have to have a procedure, then I'm done. Finished. That would be it."
***Peter here...Well Barry, let it be. Justice from above this might be. And I say three cheers. I never wish or hope for an injury to ANYONE, but I think he is a disgrace to the game, at least this incarnation of bloated Barry. Pre-bloat? He was a talented young player who was all-around fantastic. The man in his post-steroid era is a caricature of all things gone bad. Let the record show that the records should stand. But do I think he'll hang it up? No way no how no anything. And that's a shame.


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