Friday, April 21, 2006

Random Thoughts On A Random Friday From A Non-Random Guy: A Weekly Feature

Who out there thinks the ban on amphetamines will have a noticible impact on this 2006 season? I do. And it will present itself with more substitutions, longer games, and some "different" looks from some of the players we know so well. And I'm not talking solely about the Sox. This is an AL/NL thing, and some players out there who know who they are will be tremendously handicapped while trying not to show it. You wait. We will all notice little out of the ordinary quirks and moves. I guarantee it.
And who out there is truly distressed about our Manny's slow start? I say think back to last year, when his average was even lower at this point. Hey, a 10 game hot streak will bring his average and stats close to where they belong, and at the end of the post season, when it counts, he'll have his 40sh home runs and his 130ish RBIs, while providing many orgasms of pleasure for the fans to lap up. I say start lapping NOW!
Enjoy your weekend. I"ll be back from time to time and then more to entertain and educate you. Educate is stretching guys should be getting to know me by now. But I love it that you take the time and stop to read. And you'll never know how much it means to me.
Oh....Josh Baseball...."shut 'em up and then shut 'em down" (as Bruce said in 1978"s RACING IN THE STREET) tonight.
Be well everyone................


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