Monday, April 03, 2006

Sox Win, Shaky Style Thanks to Foulkie...

8th inning, bottom of, and Jonathon was just super fine. But Keith "Parkinsons" Foulke made us all edgy. Edgy?? Suicidal might better describe the mashing of his pitches by the Rangers offense. But in the end, we scored more runs, and holy crap, won the game! Player of the game? Curt Schilling. And that's my wrap for today. But those 9th inning thrills and chills were so out of context compared to the 8th inning soft calm provided by JP. Just a thought......Papel would have breezed through the 9th. But he's ready for tomorrow, already, if needed. Phew...... Score it a victory for Schill, and a s-s-shakey hold for Foulke.


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