Sunday, April 09, 2006

Welcome Back Curt, Body AND Soul.

Now we know. After watching Curt Schilling's brilliant two starts this week, we can realize much better how he must have felt last year, when his mind was raring to go but his body did not let him pitch the way his mind knew he could. And boy has he showed us that he still has that intensity, that glaring stare-eyed look of determination as he eyes the catcher's mitt just proir to unleashing something fast, something nasty and unhittable. For all the electricity that crackles through the crowd as Jonathon Papelbon trots in to pitch the ninth, that "I know we're going to win this thing" feeling of joy, there is the Schilling glare, 7 innings of it. He knows now that he can pitch to his potential. Last year he knew he couldn't. It must have been so tough for him, but only now can we realize just how tough. We love you Curt. We didn't know how much anguish was on your plate last year. Now go out and win Friday. Papel will be ready to finish it for you.


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