Friday, May 26, 2006

And On The Fifth Day There Is Josh

101 pitches in 6 innings. Usually that spells a frustrating night for the Red Sox, but not last night. Behind the electric pitching of Josh Beckett, and the hot bat of Mark Loretta, among others, the Sox were 4-1 victors. Tampa Bay was able to extend its at bats to chase Josh after 6, but the pen held its ground, and Paps came in for his 16th save, a 4 out save at that.
There were defensive heroics, but none bigger than Loretta's, who is batting .402 this month. That's right.....402! He ranged to the shortstop side of the infield on a throw that sailed out of Gonzalez' glove, snared it, and threw out Julio Lugo, who was trying to stretch a certain double into a three bagger. He was not successful, much like his team.
So we go 9 games over .500 yet again, and a full game up on the Yankees. Wells versus the always tough Scott Kazmir tonight. This might be a game where we'll need 6 or 8 runs. We'll see. To everyone leaving for their holiday weekend, be safe, be happy.


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