Monday, May 22, 2006

Back Home In Sweet Boston. And Loving It

Here we go yet again. The weather guys are smiling. Hell, they'll be smiling on us right through the Memorial Day weekend. That's right! 8 plus days of slowly warming temperatures and fair weather clouds, the winds decreasing as the temperature rises and the days slide toward the holiday weekend time. But our eyes, and our souls, are concentrating on today, Tuesday and Wednesday, when the Yankees are in town. Coming off what should have been a sweep by the Mets (Wagner, you suck. Yeah, still!), they are a bruised a battered bunch. Here are the pitching matchups, with games times at 7:05 pm edt.
Monday---Wang vs. Schilling
Tuesday-- Wright vs. Wakefield
Wednesday--RJ vs. Clement
Not bad at all. No Moose, but there is no Beckett either. The DH is back, and Boston will be humming with nervous excitement. 4 or 5 first inning Red Sox runs would be a quick cure for any nervous jitters, but Wang has been Mr. Ground Ball Out lately. No matter. Our confidence is soaring as high as AROD's is low. 7 men left on base yesterday? Sweet. So tonight, put up your collective feet, crack open a favorite beverage, and take it all in. I know I will. And I'll be back later with some more pre-game quips and quacks.
And my prayers go out to Barbaro. Heal. Stay still. You can make it.


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