Monday, May 22, 2006

Hansen And Our Future. And Maybe This Year, If Rocket Misfires And Goes Elsewhere.

The Sox have been extending Hansen's innings down in Triple A. We are in the middle of seeing a closer turn into a guy who is confident that he can start a game and pitch 4 good innings. To be more exact, 4 GREAT innings. And he is being stretched, every appearance, every time he takes the mound and toes the rubber. And when the time comes, All-Star breakish or so, Hansen will be an effective, if not great, 7 inning pitcher. So if Rocket does stay West, or go to the unmentionables, our number 5 slot, if not Boomer, will be in a good place. Hold it! Make that a GREAT place. If that happens, and the Sox still show that they can hit at an above average rate, just like they've been doing, and Fouke and Timlin provide the cushion for "lights out and they will stay out" Jonathon Papelbon, we will be more than fine. Listen to this.... WE WILL TEAR UP THE LEAGUE. Give this team some runs, and a 5th starter, and the world will be our stage. I'm lovin' it! Aren't you? Honestly, think what could happen.........makes ME smile. And proud. After all, this is OUR team. Forever.


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