Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I Agree With Mister Damon!

From the Globe, today, and this quote made me smile......"Beckett began his night fanning Johnny Damon on a 96-mile-per-hour fastball that left Damon grimacing on his way out of the box (he also appeared to mouth the word ''wow")."
***Peter here, and you know I HAD to say something or other (the other) after reading this. And after last night, what Red Sox fan (like all of us) wouldn't be in a smiling mood? All together, two, three...SMILE! And you know what I think? Curious? I am, and I haven't even typed it yet. goes...."Curt Schilling strikes out 9 Yankees en route to a 10-3 Red Sox victory on this Wednesday, at the suddenly dreary Yankee Stadium." Dreary? For all Yankee fans the world over. For our favorite "love to hate, but he's too old to wish any harm," George Steinbrenner. This is what we (RSN lovers) have been trying to I'll say it , right here, right now....."Ahem, Mr. Steinbrenner, or may I call you Georgie? Georgie is OK? Well, great. I'm surprised, but it's very nice of you. Well, Georgie, may I call you Georgie PORGIE? PORGIE IS OK? WOW. How understanding of you. I have to admit that everyone North and East of Yankee Stadium totally enjoyed last night's game. And that our team, the one from Boston, your "second city," respects what you are TRYING to do. But as they say, "try is the same as a lie," so expect more tonight, and tomorrow for that matter, as we try to sweep you out of your own building. It would be our pleasure, and as Richard Pryor said, "We aim to please." Thoughtful, aren't we? Take care, and be careful of inquiring Yankee fans who ask how you're doing and how you enjoyed the game. After all, it's not like you paid for your have to pay your players! Funny stuff. Ummm, excuse me, it's payday for those bumbling fools...take care.


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