Sunday, May 21, 2006

Josh Beckett Pitches AND Powers Sox Past Phillies

Just what the doctor ordered. Another easy win as Josh Beckett settled back into a National League groove with a home run, a single, and 7 great innings pitched. it was an 8-4 Sox win that propelled them to 10 games over .500 with a record of 25-15. We are still 2 games ahead of the lucky Yankees in the lost column. Gonzo also added a home run, a 2 run job. Mike Timlin was lights-out in the 9th after a shaky but OK (generous use of the term) 8th by Julian "trouble" Tavarez
And so it falls to Lenny DiNardo, in what many of us hope will be his last start, as hefty lefty David Wells is slated to go Friday, to provide the innings that enable our team to sweep the Phillies in their own home park. And that would be nice. The Yankees? They play tonight in a game I'll be sure to miss. They're playing ugly with the baseball, and there are many other better uses for my time on a Sunday night than to waste it on them. We'll see 'em soon enough. And they'll BE SORRY they set foot in Fenway. The time to strike is now.
For any of you who watched the heartbreaking horse race yesterday, our prayers go out to the severely, perhaps mortally, wounded Barbaro. It was a shame. I couldn't bear to watch the replay. Heal.


At 5/21/2006 7:20 AM, Blogger Michael Leggett said...

In a little less than 13 Hours, I'll be @ Shea Stadium, still reeling from The (Billy) Wagner Opera "Das Rheingold Extra Dry", to watch Mass.-Native Tom Glavine vs Errin' Large.

Will watch Sox take 3 from Phils.


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