Friday, May 12, 2006

Loretta Red Hot. Red Sox GET BACK

****Matsui out with broken wrist.****

Wow, this was quite a ballgame, and getting to the good part was no fun. From Bubba Crosby and Johnny Damon reaching over the left and center field fences to rob us of home runs, to the glove slide that bent Matsui's glove back and broke his wrist, and to the oh so many runners left in scoring position in the first 3 or 4 innings, it seemed to be an uphill battle, but then there was our Mark Loretta, who, as advertised after a slow start, has become red hot. He was four for six last night, and it was his 7th inning ground ball to Jeter that plated the go-ahead runs. Jeter threw from his knees, high and wide, pulling the first baseman Cairo off the bag. The ball popped out, the runners were safe, and everything changed. The whole night's demeanor became suffused with a victorious glow. 4-3 became 5-3, a Foulkie scare became 4 Papelbon outs and a save. First place was reclaimed, and it might be a few days until we play again, with rain covering the Northeast like your favorite wintertime sweater hugs your shouders so tight, so warm. And our Jonathon Papelbon put it oh so perfectly when he said, "Dreams are made of these games." Sweet ones, huh? So sweet. Come home guys. Good job. First place, earned.


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