Saturday, May 13, 2006

Matt, PLEASE Step up

From the Herald, and then my thoughts......"Skipped over in New York. Rained on at Fenway. Roughed up by Texas.
The indignities keep mounting for Matt Clement.
The Red Sox starter took the loss in last night’s rain-shortened, 6-0 defeat to the Rangers. He surrendered four runs on six hits over five innings and dropped to 3-3 on the year."
***Peter here, And Matt has been good about not complaining about being skipped for the Yankee series. He could have been flapping his gums while complaining, but he hasn't. And I respect that. GOOD JOB. There's a chance the rotation will be "altered" again for the next series with our hated rivals. Now if only our number four starter and truly nice guy could step it up, getting his pitches to sink into the strike zone instead of curving out of it, leaving him in a position to throw a "must" strike. That's when trouble finds him. Matt, we need you. We barely have a number five. We need our number four to be solid, and I know you can be. We saw that last year. And we'll see it yet again. I have faith. Many of us do. We are behind you in every way, everyday.


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