Monday, May 15, 2006

Monday Monday. A New City to Play Baseball In, And A Dry One To Boot

Regarding tonight's game in gametime, there will be no rain. I've looked at the radar and upper wind flow maps this morning, and while we will still be inundated yet again starting shortly here in Connecticut, Baltimore will be cloudy, but dry. Yes, d-r-y. It means that the only things falling from the skies will be the majestic home runs by Papi, Manny, and Mikey. With Josh, that means a win, tonight, right on your TVs. So enjoy, and that's called going out on a limb. But it is a limb of my choosing, and I like it up here. A little nippy, though, but I ain't moving. See ya. Bring food, and a Porto-Potty. Please! 7pm cannot come soon enough. But I'm tough, and patient, and if I have to do something out of the ordinary just so we can see some baseball, well hey, I'm the guy for the job.


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