Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Now I Know, And With Wily Mo, It's OK!

From the Daily Planet........er...The Globe.........."Stones rock Crisp.......
"The mysterious ailment that put Coco Crisp's rehab on hold for the last week was a bad case of kidney stones. The center fielder, already on the disabled list with a broken knuckle at the base of his left index finger, has been at his Boston-area home or in the hospital for the better part of a week. Francona, who has cited privacy laws in refusing to speak in detail about Crisp's health, does not yet know when Crisp will be able to resume baseball activities, though that should come any day now. Francona views it as a positive that Crisp's finger has had an additional week of healing. But the Sox leadoff hitter has done little cardiovascular work and still has not swung a bat since April 8. ''When he gets on the field, there's going to be some rough edges," Francona said. ''We can lay all the plans out we want. But he's kind of limited." . .
***Peter here. "Kinda limited?" I guess things could be worse. His hand has had even more time to heal, but his body needs to get in shape, which will probably take a couple weeks. So we're talking June 1 or so. Thank goodness Wily Mo has found his stride, becoming more and more confident. And with that confidence comes the numbers-batting average and lack of errors. So Coco, take your time. We need your speed, your defense, but that tract of land known as Fenway Park's centerfield has an able and WILLING overseer. The big kig, who's been Mr. Clutch more and more as the month of May unfolds. And June begins. On on and on. A rightfielder in future years for us? Time will tell. But right now, as Freddie Prinz used to say in his too-short life, "Looking good!"


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