Sunday, May 21, 2006

A Personal Talk With Lenny DiNardo

Lenny, how are you feeling? I know this is a big day for you. You know what the club wants. We want 5 or 6 quality innings. We're in this new stadium in Philly, the one where it's easy to poke one out of. So keep your pitches low. That's where you are most effective. Location and speed, but keep 'em low. Ground balls are your best friend in this ballpark. I'm sure you know that. David Wells is having a rehab start today for Pawtucket. And if he does halfway decent, he'll be starting in your place Friday. Do not let that be an issue for you today. You want to help the team. We want you to help the team. So just think about those 5 or 6 quality innings, keeping the ball low in the zone, and then you can take that slow walk to the dugout with your head held high, and your hands out ready to recieve congratualtions from your teamates. Lenny, I, for one, would love to see just that. Go for it kid! And I'd like to think that he'd look me in the eyes and say, "Sure, I'm going for it. I can do this." And there'd be a twinkle in my eyes as he walked away, with a smile. I'm smiling too. Gametime comin' up.


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