Monday, May 29, 2006

Remember. Check Out My Listed Links!!

There is a new link listed, thanks to Cyn's wonderful blog called "Red Sox Chick." And that blog is a Yankee blog, but the writer, known as Dave, knows his baseball AND loves the game, just as Cyn and Jere (Sox Fan In Pinstripe Territory) do. In fact, they are my inspiration for this little place. I'm talking about Cyn and Jere, and another. So check them out, and for a differing but still baseball-wise angle, check out the Mad Dog. All listed, with so many wonderful others, under links. I love 'em all.
On to Canada, where Matt Clement has some work to do. To quash all the hatred that has been directed toward him because of his last feeble effort. Hey Matt....YOU CAN DO IT! I think. I, and we, will know much more later, on this sacred Memorial Day. The Yankees do play this afternoon, against the suddenly potent Tigers. To my readers, take care. I treasure each and every precious few of you. And I wish there were more.


At 5/30/2006 11:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Peter Thanks for the shout out..
Big turn of events tonight, with your Sox losing and The Yankees winning in 11. What a crazy game it was. I've driveled on about the game tonight on my Blog. Check it out.
Later Dude..


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