Sunday, May 28, 2006

Schill 200-Paps 18 Straight-Wells Ok, Might Not Miss Start

So much news in the title, huh? A more detailed post will follow, but Schill had 5 easy innings and 2 tough ones as he won his 200th start of a storied career. With his family watching, he charmed the fans at Fenway yet again with his milestone victory.
Paps came on in the 9th, needing only 7 pitches, 5 of them strikes, to secure number 18 straight! YES!
And Terry Francona said yesterday that other than a terrible bruise, there was no apparant structural damage to Boomer's right knee, and that he might not miss a start. That sounds a little optimistic to me, for if he has to miss one start, that would be totally understandable, and maybe even wise. But the collective "phew"s coming out of the northeast were audible even to those hard of hearing.
To all, enjoy the near perfect weather Mother Nature, the sometime beast, has served us today and tomorrow, and remember our troops in what you do and what you say. After all, this is Memorial Day weekend. God bless them, every one.


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