Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Tell Us Something We DON'T Know......

From the Herald......"Yet, one month into the regular season, the (very) early indications are that New York has the far superior team. The Yankees are a plus-49 in run differential, the Red Sox minus-6. Somehow, the Red Sox have the edge in the standings."
Far superior? Offensively, yeah, they do, top to bottom, one through nine. They will score many more runs. But rotation wise? I will admit that we essentially have a four man rotation. For now. The hole can be filled from within (many to choose from in the minors), or without (dare I say it? There's Roger....and then there are the rest). The Yanks rotation? Solid with Mussina. You get what you get with RJ. And mediocrity with Wang, Chacon etc. And then there is the bullpen. Paps- 'nuff said. Foulkie and Timlin? 7th and 8 inning wonders. Tavarez? So far, acceptable at best. But he shows more than Seanez, Riske and the other pen veterans. Little Manny? Too soon to tell. The bullpen will be beefed up from within. Young talent is something we're laden with. And defense? We have it all over the pinstripers.
So the 2006 Red Sox are a work in progress. Tinkering will be evident throughout this season. We can all live with that. But New York will score a ton of runs, through good baseball or intimidation. That's a given. We'll take it month by month. One at a time. I like our chances. For now. Optimistic? Always. In life AND in baseball. I've had my hurdles, but I like to look on the bright side instead of wallowing in the mire. Oh? Doorsy stuff! They were good....alcohol got in the way, uncontrolled imbibing. But that's another post for another day in another blog.


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