Wednesday, May 24, 2006

This Is Nice

From El Globe..."Coco Crisp, provided he suffers no setbacks, will return to the Red Sox lineup Monday at Toronto, having missed exactly seven weeks and 42 games, manager Terry Francona said last night."
***Peter here, and that's a piece of good news. Although I have to think that he'll be "Spring Training" rusty. Just a tad. But his speed at the top of the lineup coupled with the red hot Loretta batting right behind him should be a great combination. And Wily Mo will get his playing time, against lefties for Trot, and whenever Coco or Manny need a rest. So all in all, more flexibility will lead to more victories. Which leads to more smiles on all of our faces. And I like that. More smiles for my readers, who have proven again and again that they're GREAT! Through highs and lows, I thank you. So much.


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