Sunday, May 28, 2006

Vintage Curt Quote

The crowd had been chanting his name for long minutes after this game had become a part of history. And when the time came, our hero bolted out of the dugout and doffed his hat to everyone in the wildly cheering crowd, and then to his family, safely nestled in a vacant radio broadcast booth high above the diamond. And afterwards, he summed up the experience, the love, better than anyone could. From today's Globe....

"I just know that walking out on that field after the game is an experience I'll never forget," Schilling said.`I'll never forget what those fans just did for me . . . All the good memories that I have in the game are generated and created by the atmosphere. These fans have been unbelievable since the first day I put a uniform on and they've never stopped, and tonight was just another experience that I'll never forget."

***Peter here, and Curt, we won't forget either. Thanks, from all of our hearts. Somewhere up above, I think even Lou Gehrig was watching. And smiling. And knowing. You did good. And you know what? We'll never forget, either.


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