Sunday, June 25, 2006

Basking In The Sunday Morning Glow, Part 8

Oh, what a feeling. And Fox got lucky with a game like that. The same Fox network who rips off everyone with a Hi Def TV set every damn Saturday afternoon when they show their weekly game in 480p, which is the same resolution (clarity) as a DVD. Yes, they stretch the picture so that it fits a 16x9 screen (widescreen, almost twice as wide as tall, as opposed to a standard TV, with a 4x3, or nearly square, screen), but it is not a Hi Def picture. That would be 720p, which if you do the math has nearly twice the resolution as 480p. And the thing that gets me is that with NESN televising EVERY game in Hi Def, the proper equipment is there! And yes, from all the comments from those of you who noticed the slightly inferior quality with their regular sets, you CAN tell the difference no matter what.
But that didn't make what happened on the field yesterday any less beautiful. Or precious. Or downright just so darn fabulous. Nothing could take that away. Nothing. We go for 9 in a row today, with our steadiest starter, ERAwise, Tim Wakefield, trying to shut 'em up and shut 'em down one more time. Broom time? We'll see. That would be 3. Oh yes.
As John Lennon said, in a weird collage from THE WHITE ALBUM, "Number nine, number nine." YES.


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