Sunday, June 18, 2006

Blackout Saturday Turned Out Pretty Well...And A True Pennant Race In August And September?

And by "blackout" Saturday, I refer to the fact that Connecticut, in true McCarthy style, was blacked out for Red Sox fans. I did not see the game, and so I am hesitant to write about it in my usual style. But I did see the box score. Before the series, which concludes tonight in Atlanta, I said it would be so nice to see Paps 3 times in the series. Well, so far, so good. 22 saves sounds and is sweet. Kevin Youklis back at lead off...another thing I wished outloud for. And he's right back there, and at home. And we love it. Instant offense, patient with the pitch selection, and non stop hustle. That is a true lead off man. Another good but "hey, it's right in front of your face" move by Terry. A rocket scientist move? Far from it. One was not needed. With Jon Lester, we have a solid 4 man rotation, and other than tomorrow (Monday), with days off the rest of the month here and there, we will not need a 5th starter. Matt will be back at the end of June, or at least that's when he is eligible to come back, and until then, we'll be fine. Now if he can regain the pre-All Star game form of last year, that's another story. Think post season if that happens. Because it's looking more and more like Detroit and Chicago will be in the post season, as Detroit, who had so much trouble against us and the Yankees, still feasts on the other teams in its division. And that's what the bulk of their games consist of. So the 5 games we play in August and the four in September against our hated rivals might be amazingly exciting, because we might be in the middle of an old fashioned pennant race, not one in which one team wins the division and the other gets in as the wild card. Think about it! 1967 all over again, with Toronto also in the mix. And all three teams knowing that only one will survive. Brings chills to my spine. I, for one, will patiently wait and see how this whole thing plays out. But think of the possibilities. My goodness.
Happy Father's Day to all the Dads here on this good earth, and those who are gone. Stay well everyone. And happy. For what's more important?


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