Tuesday, June 13, 2006

In 2006, Foulkie's Home IS The Road

A heckler has been making life at Fenway a little piece of Hell for Keith Foulke, an important part of the two headed bridge to Paps. But one heckler does not tell us the whole story, for before this loudmouth surfaced, our very own Foulkie was having his problems pitching at the Fens. Here are the home and away stats for Keith this year, as gleaned from today's Hartford Courant.

Home 15 games, 17 IP, 29 hits, 16 earned runs, 6 homers allowed, and an opposing player's batting average of .333
Away 14 games, 15 IP, 11 hits, 4 earned runs, ZERO home runs allowed, and an opposing batter's average of .208

Night and day. Sunshine or clouds. Black or white. However you want to put it, Keith Foulke has been thriving on the road this year. And where does our beloved team play tonight? In Minnesota, under the dome. Let's hope he can even out those numbers, with the at home stats rising to the road stats. How nice would that be?
So we turn to Curt Schilling to set the tone for this 6 game trip to Minnesota and annoying Atlanta (think the Indian chant, and try not to gag near your keyboard). He has a chance to be the first American League 10 game winner, well on his way to a 20 plus victory year. One at a time, Curt. Starting tonight. We'll be watching. And rooting. 8pm. We have your back.


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