Sunday, June 11, 2006

In Defense Of Our Jon Lester

His control was an issue in the minors, and it was yesterday. But imagine as the delay of minutes, then 1 hour, two, three, four crept slowly towards 5. Fenway Park, his dream place to start his major league career, chock full of frenzied fans. It must have weighed heavily on him. It would have made any one of US go nuts. His words.....“I was trying not to go stir crazy,” Lester said of the incredibly long delay to his debut. “I was just relieved I threw a couple of strikes (early in the game). The first one - I didn’t know where it was going to go.” Said Francona: “(Yesterday) was not an easy day to make your debut. He sat around a lot. I’m sure he had a lot of anxiety."
***Peter here. Anxiety? We ALL did. But to slowly saunter toward that hallowed center of the diamond, the Fenway Park mound, after a wait that long? I have to think his senses were stunningly enhanced. And with that, he might not have been as sharp as the Jon Lester we will get to know, and love. Starting again on Thursday, or more likely Friday with the blessed off day tomorrow. But business first. That business? WIN 2 TODAY. Nothing more, nothing less. GO SOX. Say it loud. Say it proud.


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