Friday, June 09, 2006

Sharp Schill And Dandy Defense Equals An Easy Win

Schill for 8 goods ones and a dominating non-save inning for Jonathon Papelbon had the folks going home somewhat early last night as the Red Sox cruised to a 9-3 victory at the Stadium last night, salvaging one of 3 games with the New York club.
The hitting stars? Crisp, Papi, Manny, Nixon, Lowell and AGon all had 2 hits, and Jason Varitek was the hit leader with 3 hits, 4 runs batted in, and the go-ahead home run, a 3 run shot in the 7th.
It will be Jon Lester starting game 1 tomorrow, that is unless tonight's game is rained out. A low-pressure system moving Northeast up the coast may drift to our East, giving the Boston area showers, or the low might track closer to the coast, resulting in rain, something we've seen way too much of. Time will tell.
The Yankees are 35-23, the Sox 34-23. Sheff needs surgery, Foulkie's back is still kicking up, although he plans to be back on the weekend. And Mike Timlin will be back by mid-week. Through all this, the 2 teams are neck and neck. And don't be surprised if it stays that way through September. But then again.............


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